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Who needs a temperature controlled unit?

Protect your items from mold & mildew by providing a protected environment that temperature control offers. As you might expect, we offer temperature control units at the Eastern Shore Mini Storage, in addition to our regular units. 


Whether it is the hottest days of the summer or the coldest in the winter, rest assured our facility will be maintained at a comfortable temperature. We offer this feature for more than just your comfort.


It is extremely important that your personal belongings don’t become mildewed during the hottest and most humid days of the summer. There is no reason to settle for less.  We offer self storage units that are heated and cooled, making them ideal for the protection of computer equipment, electronics, antiques and other fine furniture, medical or legal records, pictures, books and any other goods that might be harmed by extreme heat, cold or humidity. 


This added degree of protection can be life saver for customers storing large volumes of sensitive documents. Extreme temperatures and condensation can result in climatic calamities, thus the need for climate control storage.   We would be happy to rent you one!

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